NUTTY COLLECTION: Treat yourself or someone special to our crunchiest selection. The brownies in this box are:

  • Coconut crunch- Pools of goey coconut cream in our brownie batter, topped with white chocolate, rice crisps and hazelnut.
  • Peanut butter - Swirls of peanut butter in our brownie batter, topped with dark chocolate and a hand made peanut brittle.
  • Ferrero no-share - Nutella brownie topped with milk chocolate wafer and caramalised hazelnuts.


  • Contains: Milk, eggs, soya, wheat (gluten), nuts
  • All our products are made in an environment where nuts, peanuts, eggs, milk, soya, sesame and gluten are used. For this reason we cannot guarantee they are free from traces of these allergens.
  • 100% Vegetarian

  • No alcohol

  • Halal-friendly



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Frequently Asked Questions


The Healy Foundation

The Healy Foundation offers grant up to $50,000 for nonprofits in Hawaii for projects that address protection of ecosystems, climate change mitigation, reduction of childhood poverty, or youth advocacy and education.

The board meets four times a year to award grants.
For more information, click here. To apply, submit a Letter of Inquiry on their grant portal here.

For further questions,

FEMA Public Assistance Programs

FEMA Public Assistance Programs reimburse eligible applicants for costs associated with emergency protective measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

FEMA assistance will be provided at 75% federal cost share.
To learn more about the specific projects asnd activities funded under FEMA, click here. To apply, fill out the application here. Deadline: Program will remain open for the duration of the Public Health Emergency as declared by the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Hawaii Community Foundation Resilience Fund

Hawaii Community Foundation is offering grants for projects that address one or more phases of their four-phased approach to community resilience.

The four phases are:
(1) Risk reduction
(2) Rapid relief and response
(3) Recovery and stabilization
(4) Rebuilding resilience
To learn more, click here. To quickly distribute resources, Hawaii Community Foundation has foregone a formal application process. If interested, please email them of your needs at

Urban Agriculture and Innovative Production Competitive Grants Program

This grants program is in its first year of existence and is comprised of two projects: Planning Projects Applicants can receive up to $200,000 per single program year or up to $500,000 over three years for planning projects. Planning projects initiate or expand efforts of urban agriculture, including agriculture assessments, the development of business plans and feasibility studies, support for municipal planning, and program development and implementation of agriculture and innovative production in schools. Implementation Projects Applicants can receive up to $100,000 per single program year or up to $300,000 over three years for implementation projects. Implementation projects can increase food production in small urban and indoor spaces, operate community gardens, provide hands-on training in farming, meet specific food and agricultural needs, and provide schools with resources to grow and consume nutritious food and pursue careers in agriculture. Projects should target one or more urban areas, suburbs, or urban clusters where access to fresh foods is limited or unavailable. Projects should include one or more partner organizations to achieve project goals within the target areas. Nonprofits, local governments, and schools that serve any of the grades K-12 are eligible to apply. To view the slides from an informative webinar, click here. To view the full program announcement, click here. For more information and to apply, click here. Deadline: July 6, 2020

Community Facilities Direct Loan and Grant Program

The Community Facilities Direct Loan and Grant Program aims to develop essential community facilities in rural areas.

Community-based non-profit corporations and public bodies may apply. Examples of agricultural-related projects are community gardens, food pantries, community kitchens, food banks, food hubs, and greenhouses.

Rural areas must have less than 20,000 residents.
Eligible bodies can an apply for low interest direct loans, grants, or a combination of both.

For specific information and funding priorities, click here. If interested, contact:
Brenda Iokepa-Moses
Hawaii State Director
USDA Rural Development
Phone: (808) 933-8305

Enhancing Agricultural Opportunities for Military Veterans Grant Program

This program provides up to $250,000 grants for non-profits to increase the number of military veterans gaining knowledge and skills through comprehensive, hands-on and immersive model farm and ranch programs offered regionally that lead to successful careers in the food and agricultural sector. To learn more and apply, click here.

For more information, contact:
Brent Elrod
(816) 926-2535
National Program Leader
Division of Family & Consumer Services
USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture Deadline: 6/26/2020

Foreign Market Development Cooperator Program

The Foreign Market Development Cooperator Program provides funding for projects up to 3 years long that contribute to the effective creation, expansion, or maintenance of foreign markets. Applicants need to have a clear, long–term agricultural trade strategy, have the broadest producer representation and affiliated industry participation of the commodity being promoted, and include an effective program time line against which results can be measured at specific intervals using quantifiable product or country goals.

Applicants must be nonprofit U.S. agricultural trade organizations that promote the exports of one or more U.S. agricultural commodities and must not have a business interest in or receive compensation from specific sales of agricultural commodities.
For more information and to apply, click here. Deadline: 6/26/2020

Momentum Fund

The Momentum Fund provides up to $100,000 grants to 501(c)(3) organizations that are managing active COVID-19 funds so these organizations can grow, promote, manage, and sustain their funds. Grants will be given to organizations that serve communities and populations whose health and/or financial situations have been most severely impacted by COVID-19. Note: Applicants must have an active COVID-19 fund of at least $50,000, either pledged, committed, and/or spent that provides funds to other 501(c)(3) organizations. For questions, email: For more information and FAQs, click here. To apply, click here. Deadline: June 18, 2020

Mosaic COVID-19 Rapid Response Infrastructure

Mosaic offers rapid response grants up to $10,000 to nonprofit grassroots organizations whose aim is to protect the environment or pursue environmental justice. Funds can be used for tools and technology, training, and related resources. Note: Applicants must have an annual budget below $500,000 and be accountable to local constituents. For more information, click here. To complete a brief application, click here. For any questions, email: Deadline: The third round deadline is July 2.

Agricultural Water Efficiency Grants

Hawaii Community Foundation hopes to support projects that improve agricultural water use efficiency and provide measurable benefits to the state. Grants up to $50,000 are available for one-year projects, and grants up to $100,000 are available for two-year projects. There are two types of projects they will fund: 1) Water efficiency projects, for the installation of equipment to improve irrigation efficiency/potable water conservation. 2) Water management projects, for the development of a water conservation program/plan or water conservation education program for farmers or agricultural water managers. Nonprofits, state and county governments, public and private agricultural parks, and colleges and universities in Hawaii are eligible to apply. To learn more about the project criteria, preferences, and application instructions, click here. For more information about the Fresh Water Initiative, click here. For questions about this program, contact: Dana Okano Email: Phone: (808) 566-5541 Deadline: June 30, 2020

Community Development Block Grant (Hawaii County)

Grants and loans available to public agencies and private nonprofit organizations to prevent, prepare, and respond to COVID-19 impacts with emphasis on public health, housing, economic recovery, and the needs of low- and moderate-income persons. For more information, click here. To access the application, click here for page 1 and here for page 2. Questions: Call (808) 661-8379 Email


Water and Waste Disposal Loan Guarantees

This program aims to improve access to clean, reliable water and waste disposal systems for households and rural businesses. These loans can be used for projects relating to drinking water, sewers, waste disposal, storm water disposal, etc.

Nonprofit organizations and state and local governmental entities can apply.
To learn more, click here. To apply, ask your private lender if they participate in USDA loan guarantee programs or contact:
Hawaii and Western Pacific State Office
USDA Rural Development
Phone: (808) 933-8380

HCRC Emergency Loan Program (HELP)

HCRC Emergency Loan Program (HELP) provides short-term bridge loans and term loans between $15,000-$100,000 to non-profits and mission aligned small businesses that are otherwise unable to secure financing but have an immediate need for capital. Funds can be used for payroll, rent, mortgage interest, utilities and other operating expenses to allow the organizations to stay open.

Organizations have to have annual revenue of at least $100,000
Priority is given to organizations that have applied for PPP or EIDL but have been declined or are waiting for a response.

•6-month bridge loan that converts to a 42-month term loan for a total of 48 months
•3% fixed interest rate for the 6-month bridge loan period and 5% fixed interest rate for the 42-month loan period
•For profit businesses have to have all individuals with a 20% ownership interest in the organization provide a personal guarantee.
•Non-profits don’t have to provide a personal guarantee if their board of directors is comprised of a majority of independent voting directors.
•Need 2 years of historical financial statements or tax returns and cash flow protection (can be simple or complex)
For more information about eligibility and to apply, click here. For an overview of the program, click here. For further questions,
Chelsea Schull
LISC-HCRC Hawaii Program Officer

Rural Development Guaranteed Loan Program

The Rural Development Guaranteed Loan Program allows guaranteed lenders to approve and make covered loans with 180-day loan payment deferrals until September 30, 2020, without agency approval as long as they notify USDA Rural Development in writing.

Loan guarantees are provided to businesses in rural areas only (population less than 50,000 in project location).
Loan terms and loan guarantee percentages vary depending on what the money is used for.
Interest rates will be negotiated between the lender and borrower.
There is a 3% initial guarantee fee.

For-profit businesses, nonprofits, and cooperatives can apply.

This flexibility applies to:
•Business and Industry Loan Guarantees
•Rural Energy for America Program Loan Guarantees
•Community Facilities Loan Guarantees
•Water and Waste Disposal Loan Guarantees
For more information, click here.
For more specific loan terms, click here. To apply, contact:
Denise M. Salmeron
Hawaii & Western Pacific Business & Cooperative Programs Director
USDA Rural Development
Phone: (808) 933-8323 Deadline: 9/30/2020

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